Download report to Church Council on 11/21/2017

The Kent Grand Organ History

After separating the pipe organ project from Kent Lutheran Church by forming a new non-profit corporation, KENT GRAND ORGAN; existing funds in the pipe organ account were used to pay MARCEAU and  ASSOCIATES PIPE ORGAN BUILDERS, INC., for a Project Design Detail.  This document surveyed the entire existing inventory of the historic Hastings/Plaisted, Opus 78 Pipe Organ acquired from a church in Salem, MA and included a final cost estimate of the entire instrument, fully built and installed with a custom console, custom casework and the entire musical capacity intended. 

With the successful completion, at the end of 2017, of exceeding a $100,000.00 challenge grant from the Estate of Bob and Betty Whalen by more than $19,000.00, the KGO Board of Directors voted to proceed with a three-year completion contract with the builder in the amount of $495,825.00.  We made the down payment of $153,450.00 which included sales tax in Spring of 2018.  We are now embarked on raising the necessary funds to meet our contractual obligation of about $110,000.00 every June 1st through 2021.

During 2019 the organ builder contributed to our project by donating a second console and some additional pipes to be installed in the balcony area to further enhance the capability of the finished installation.  Work is currently underway on all aspects of the pipe organ project including refurbishment of wind chests, console construction, pipe inventory and tuning, and temperature monitoring in the sanctuary where installation will be accomplished.