Our Vision

  • The Kent Grand Organ, housed in the sanctuary/worship space of Kent Lutheran Church, will be the centerpiece of culturally rich and diverse musical offerings performed in the heart of downtown Kent.

  • It will attract persons from the Seattle-Tacoma area and beyond who appreciate the organ and cultural arts in many forms.

  • It will provide opportunity to hear and appreciate a restored vintage pipe organ; built as Opus 78 in 1878 in Boston. It has three keyboards, 70 ranks and 4,203 pipes, plus a second console in the balcony. Restored value: $1.3 million.

  • The KGO can provide a musical arts opportunity for artists to hear and share their music in a new way, building a stronger sense of community within the city and region.

Our Beliefs

  • The KGO offers opportunities to teach on a unique valued musical instrument

  • The KGO offers the capacity to bring world class performing arts to Kent

  • The venue provides a more intimate setting than is available in Seattle or Tacoma

  • A very wide variety of music will be performed in addition to classical/church related: jazz and music of the rich, culturally racial-ethnic diversity of our community

  • Downtown Kent will become known as a place to go to experience the best in musical performance